Long term rental

Lutar rent a car offers long – term rental services for all legal or physical entities  for specific periods of time and duration. We would like to point out that practicality, flexibility and economy are the main reason for using long – term both for reputable and small businesses and for individuals who would rent a vehicle for private reasons for a long time period.

This service is designed to make you greatly easier to do business and carry out official daily duties and obligations with significant opportunities to save up your money.

We support the trend 'rent, don't own'.

In view of the accelerated life style there has been a big change in everyday habits and consumer thinking in all field of life activity and also in the trend of possesion of the property. The accepted trend becomes that we do not possess valuable things than the opinion we have only to use them. In this way, you are avoid the additional cost of the home or business budget, additional energy and efforts about the same. With long – term rental forget about additional obligations like:

  • basic and full insurance
  • registration and tehnichal check/review of vehicles and tolls
  • regular and preventive maintenance of the vehicle
  • replacement of tires
  • accounting free for amortization in business books

In hence Lutar rent a car takes carry of vehicles and yours is just to driving. Fuel it and drive.

Save your money, caring, time, energy and money and give opprotunity to your worker, manager or commercial passanger suitable and functional vehicle.

Long – term rental allows easy control of costs, minimal and specified monthly costs.


  • Up to one month
  • Three to six months
  • More than six months up to a 3 year

In the offer of long – term lease we have available all classes of vehicles such as small urban vehicles, medium-sized, large to compact vehicles and vans.

We suggest you to check online availability of long – term rental service and for all others inquiries and informations we are available in every time.

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