Long term car hire in Croatia

Long term car rental in Croatia from 398,17 € per month

Long term car rental refers to all rentals longer than 30 days with the price starting from 398,17 € per month. Long term rentals include insurance, have a limited mileage and you don't have to worry about vehicle service.

Long term car rental

Length of long term rentals:

  • Up to one month (short term)
  • 3-6 months (medium term)
  • More than 6 months up to 3 years (long term)


Long term car rental price

Long term car rental price depends on monthly amount of kilometres travelled by the renter. With a low amount of travelled kilometres per month the price can be significantly reduced. Long term car rental has the same price for both private persons and companies. The price includes VAT, seasonal tyre change, regular service and full insurance.

Vehicle category Price / month
City vehicles from 398,17 € monthly
Compact vehicles and limousines from 530,89 € monthly
Van/minivan/station wagon from 663,61 € monthly
SUV  from 729,97 € monthly
Luxury vehicles from 862,69 € monthly
Cargo vehicles from 783,06 € monthly

Long term car rental

Monthly car rental from 1 to 36 months

Monthly car rental is an ideal option because of a great invested/gained ratio. Monthly car rental can be divided into three categories depending on the length of the rental. Affordable prices, worry-free driving and a possibility of a replacement vehicle are just some of the perks that come with long term rental. 

Advantages Disadvantages
No annual registration costs Inability to change vehicles during the rent
Vehicle and passenger insurance included Limited monthly kilometres
Vehicle maintenance included Limited amount of drivers
Free seasonal tyre change -
Easy and efficient cost control -
Free replacement vehicle -
Discount on additional short term car rental -
Free road assistance -

Yearly car rental

Rental period from one to three years is considered to be a yearly rental and we offer additional benefits for those kinds of rentals. For all details please send us an info inquiry through our contact form. Yearly car rental is the most common one since the renter is protected from an eventual price change.

Daily car rental

Daily car rental is not considered to be a long term rental. The prices and conditions for daily rentals are calculated differently. If you are in need of car rental with duration that is less than one month click here and choose your vehicle..

Long term car rental for private persons

It is not necessary to own a company to use long term rentas. All persons with a valid driving licence can rent a car and enjoy the benefits of long term rentals.

Long term car rental for companies

This is a very popular type of rental for all companies. The possibility of VAT deduction and easy cost control are one of the main reasons why companies choose long term rentals.

Long term car rentals experiences

The experiences of our clients are great and more than 400 satisfied customers recommend us with an 4,9/5 average rate


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