How to deal with accidents and damages when renting a car in Croatia

How to deal with accidents and damages when hiring a car in Croatia

How to deal with accidents and damages when renting a car in Croatia


When renting a car on your vacation getting into a accident and damaging the car or even hurting your selves and passangers is the last thing you want to think about but it does happen. Lutar rent a car will offer you some general tips on how to deal with this kind of situation.

When dealing with a car accident in a rental car it is very similar if you had a collision with your own car. Following the propper procedure can help you afterwards.

First and most important thing is to establish if everyone in your vehicle is ok and if another vehicle is involved check their status as well. If someone is hurt dial 112 which is the number for all emergency services in Croatia.

Report the accident to the Police since almost every car rental company (Lutar car rental included) require a police report when dealing with insurance companies afterwards.

Contact your rental company since they may have some good advice and know the procedure better.

If the cars are able to drive you are obligated to move them from the road to keep the regular traffic flowing and avoid getting a ticket from the police (advice-take pictures of the scene before moving your car as can be helpful afterwards)

Exchange insurance information with the other parties involved. European accident report form is provided allong with all other necesary documents(insurance policy, green card...) when signing the rental agreement.

Lutar rent a car does not charge you the excess if it's not your fault but note that other rental companies have their own rules.

Third-party insurance is included in the basic price.

When buying additional coverage your excess amout is reduced by 50% or 100% depending on the type of coverage you bought at the rental office/counter (providing the police report is mandatory and failing to do so your coverage is not valid). Driving under infuence of alcohol or other illegel supstances, unauthorised person driving a car and running a red light are also factors where additional coverage doesn't isn't valid.

Smaller damages also require police reports. When the car is unatended (parked) it's the most common way hoe smaller damages occure.

After returnig the vehicle some additional peperwork will be required. Statement about the accident will nedd to be filled up and a cpoy of your driving licence and paseport made.

Some rental companies have their own matrix of how much does differnet damages on the car cost some have to get an estimate from ther car dealer.

Hope that this information was helpful and for any additional information ask the staff at the rental office/desk or check out the Termms&Conditions on the web site or on the contract.

Drive safe!


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