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One of the fastest and most efficient ways of geting from one place to the next when spending your holiday in Croatia is using the highway. Lutar rent a car will provide you with some facts about Crotian highways.


The highway was built over some period of time and in stages. It was started in 1970 in former Yugoslavia with 62,9 km built in Croatia. In the next decade 235,5 km more were built. During the 1980s because of depression the construction stopped. After the fall of Yugoslavia in the period from 1992 til 2009 the Croatian goverment built 1313,8 km of highway with some new projects in plan. Highway isn't finish till end so if You want to travel to Dubrovnik You will need exit highway and continue by coastal road. If You are staying or planing to visit Dubrovnik please check our prices and vehicles in rent a car Dubrovnik offer.


Highways in Croatia are marked with green road signs or officially Croatian motorways (government firm responsible for the highway) letters and numbers.

  • A1 connects the North and South of the country and is the longest route on the higway extending from Zagreb to Ploče with exits for every major city on the coast Split, Sibenik, Zadar and exits for national parks such as Krka national park and Plitvice lakes. - check our rent a car Split offer
  • A2 connects Zagreb to Macelj (border crossing with Slovenia)
  • A3 connects Bregana (border crossing with Slovenia) to Zagreb and extends all the way to Lipovac (border crossing with Serbia). This route connects the West to the East part of the country. - chek our rent a car Zagreb offer
  • A4 connects Zagreb to Gorican (border crossing with Hungary)
  • A5 connects Banjin vrh (border crossing with Hungary) with Osijek and Svilaj (border crossing with Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • A6 connects Bosiljevo and Rijeka - choose vehicle from our rent a car Rijeka offer
  • A7 connects Rupa (border crossing with Slovenia) with Rijeka and exit Zuta lokva
  • A8 connects Kanfanar and Rijeka
  • A9 connects Kastel (border crossing with Slovenia) and Pula - see our prices in rent a car Pula
  • A10 connects Nova Sela (border crossing with Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Metkovic
  • A11 connects Zagreb to Sisak
  • A12 connects sveta Helena to Gola (border crossing with Hungary)
  • A13 conects Vrbovec to Terezino polje (border crossing with Hungary)

Vehicle categories

IA stands for motorcycles and quadbikes

I vehicles with two axis with height under  1,90 m

II a) vehicles with two axis with height above 1,90 m and maximum weight under 3,5 t
   b) vehicles with two axis with height under 1,90 m that tow vehicles with no axis and height restrictions

III a) vehicles with two to three axis with maximun weight above 3,5 t
    b) vehicles with two axis with maximun weight under 3,5 t that tow vehicles with one axis

IV a) vehicles with four or more axis with maximum weight above 3,5 t
    b) vehicles with two axis with maximun weight above 3,5 t and tow vehicles with two or more axis
    c) vehicles with three axis with maximum weight above 3,5 t that tow vehicles with no axis and height limit


Besides the driven distance the calculation for the price on Croatian Hihgways also includes the vehicle category (mentioned in the section 3 above). Entering the highway you need to take a ticket on the toll and pay when you exit where you need to present yout ticket to the cashier. Payment methods are cash ( Croatian kuna or €uro) or credit cards. Prices during hihg season (from 1st of July till 30th of September) are 10% higher than the rest of the year.

Some prices for most common routes for I. category vehicles (+/- 10%):

  • Zagreb (Lucko) » Split (Dugopolje), Split (Dugopolje) » Zagreb (Lucko) one way 181,00 kuna (approximately 24€)
  • Zagreb (Lucko) » Zadar West, Zadar West » Zagreb (Lucko) one way 121,00 kuna (approximately 16€)
  • Zagreb (Lucko) » Sibenik, Sibenik » Zagreb (Lucko) one way 152,00 kuna (approximately 20€)
  • Zagreb (Lucko) » Rijeka, Rijeka » Zagreb (Lucko) one way 70,00 kuna (approximately 9€)
  • Zagreb (Lucko) » Karamatici (last south exit, route to Dubrovnik), Karamatici » Zagreb (Lucko) one way 231,00 kuna (approximately 30€)
  • Zagreb (Lucko) » Skradin (National park Krka), Skradin » Zagreb (Lucko) one way 148,00 kuna (approximately 19€)
  • Zagreb (Lucko) » Ogulin, Otocac and Gospic (exits for national park Plitvice lakes) one way 41,00 kuna (Ogulin), 66,00 kuna (Otocac) and  86,00 kuna (Gospic) (approximately 5€, 8€ and 11€

  • Split (Dugopolje) » Zadar East, Zadar East » Split (Dugopolje) one way 56,00 kuna (approximately 7€)
  • Split (Dugopolje) » Sibenik, Sibenik » Split (Dugopolje) one way 29,00 kuna (approximately 3€)
  • Split (Dugopolje) » Rijeka, Rijeka » Split (Dugopolje) one way 189,00 kuna (approximately 25€)
  • Split (Dugopolje) » Karamatici (last south exit, route to Dubrovnik) one way 50,00 kuna (approximately 6€)
  • Split (Dugpolje) » Skradin (National park Krka), Skradin » Split (Dugopolje) one way 33,00 kuna (approximately 4€)
  • Split (Dugopolje) »Ogulin, Otocac and Gospic (exits for National park Plitvice lakes) one way 140,00 kuna (Ogulin), 115,00 kuna (Otocac) and 95,00 kuna (Gospic) (approximately 18€, 15€ and 12€)

Resting palces and gas stations

Resting places on Croatian highways are in average in every 40 to 80 km. Majority of them are equipped with free parking, toilets, drinkable water, playgrounds for children. Every bigger resting place has a gas station with a store and restoraunt and some have hotels or motels. Gas stations appear every 60 to 80 km in average. They are self service but the staff will gladly help you out. All of them have diesel (Eurodisel) and petrol (Eurosuper 95&100) and some of them have LPG (gas).

General tips

Maximum speed on the hihgway is 130 kmh or 80mph if not restriced otherwise by road signs with the tolerance for 10 kmh or 6,20 mph over the limit

Maximum time that you can spend on the hihgway is 24 hours after that your ticket expires

In the case of losing your ticket or damaging it you are obligated to pay the double amount for the longest route acording to your vehicle category (check under section 3).

Some tunnels may also require paying a toll

During high season be sure to equip your selves with  water because temperatures usually go around 35 to 40 degrees Celsius or 95 to 104 Fahrenheight and there could be traffic jams on the entrences and exits close to major cities or attractions.

Hope you found this informatin helpful. Be sure to check out the vehicles that Lutar rent a car has in offer.

Drive safe!!


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